My name is Arjen Kuipers (1975). At a young age I started with several sports, like swimming, water polo, fitness and Israeli martial arts. Eventually I ended up with yoga. This felt so good that, after several years of practising, I decided to follow the ashtanga yoga teacher training, which I successfully completed in 2013. Opened a yoga studio in 2014 and closed it in 2016 and at the moment not teaching.

In the past I’ve had many part-time jobs in the hospitality industry during my studies psychology and chemistry. After that I’ve started my own construction company (freelance). And that is the reason I started doing yoga, working in construction is not good for your back and I was looking for something to compensate. My girlfriend at that time pointed me to yoga. “Yes, but I'm not fond of red wine or armpit hair” I said .... anyway, I went to a trial lesson and was immediately hooked!