The yoga I teach is based on ashtanga yoga and this style flows through my classes.  Intensive and challenging yoga on the rhythm of your breath and quite a number of poses from the first series. Supplemented with poses from the second series or hatha yoga. For example, focusing on hip openers or on balancing. Then it is quickly called power yoga, within the meaning of prana (breath / energy) and certainly not in the sense of doing “some gymnastics” on a yoga mat.

So as I said intense and challenging yoga with the aim to teach you a deeper understanding of yoga,  of course adapted to your own personal level. Sometimes confrontational or opening, but always fun. I strongly believe that yoga should be fun. If you can’t smile while you're standing in a pose something is not going right!


Yoga classes sometimes are a bit tree hugging, hippy and so on. But not mine, they are down to earth. No breathing with your heart or shooting roots from your feet.